Cashew EM

Cashew EM

Cashew EM

Our client, a small family with a single child, purchased a Maisonette unit. Their desire is to have a more public/social space on the ground floor, and private space on the upper floor. They also wanted to open up the space on the ground floor but yet have privacy from the public corridor in front of their Maisonette. A spatial re-plan is proposed, with a clear layering of public to private social zone that creates privacy for the family and ample space for social gathering.



Completed – 2017

Spatial Re-layout

The original space planning place the private (bedroom/study) and social zone (dining) adjacent to the public corridor, and the public zone (living room/balcony) at the inner part of the plan. A large part of the ground floor is occupied by enclosed spaces (bedroom and kitchen) which is undesirable.

In response to the privacy needs, we design a buffer zone consisting of a Veranda and a Kid’s playing area adjacent to the public corridor. This buffer zone provides adequate ‘screening’ to the public zone behind – the living room where the family chills.

Open Kitchen – Social Space

By relocating, opening up the kitchen and combining the dining space to the inner part of the plan, we created a social gathering space with an external view out. The open kitchen becomes part of the social space, where the mum may be preparing the dishes while the dad and kid hang out in the dining area.