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TA.LE ARCHITECTS was founded on the belief that brilliant Modern Architecture and Interior Designs are integral in ensuring the comfort of anyone utilising the space, since well-designed spaces have the ability to exert a positive influence on society.

Here at TA.LE ARCHITECTS, we strongly believe that we can only conceptualise remarkable designs through thorough and excellent communication with our clients. With our passion and commitment, we can help all our clients make their visions for their home or office spaces become a reality.

Our work culture is that of an organic and dynamic one, hence no exceptional design will be complete without the human touch. In order to achieve the best results, we work very closely with both our clients and the top building contractors in Singapore. We are confident that this way of collaboration will ensure the synthesis of a high-quality architectural design product guaranteed to improve our clients’ standard of living!

Tay Yanling

Tay Yanling

behind every inspirational well-designed space, there is a meaningful story

Yanling is an Architect who believes that good design improves the everyday life of its inhabitant and users. She believe that behind every inspirational well-designed space, there is a meaningful story. Her works aims to tell the stories of the owners of the space.

Yanling graduated with Cum Laude for Master of Science (Architecture) from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands in 2006. During her studies in Singapore and the Netherlands, she won numerous international and national competitions in the field of architecture, product, graphic and digital design. Her skills as an Architect is honed in global architecture firm like DP Architects in Singapore and Powerhouse Company in the Netherlands. She is a registered Architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore and The Netherlands.

In 2014, she set up TA.LE ARCHITECTS, providing consultancy service for architectural projects, urban and interior design. She believe in providing a holistic design consultancy so as to deliver a complete design product.

Among her port Folio of works ranges from commercial buildings to private owned houses. She has completed in 2013, the Global Leadership Training Facility for the renowned consumer goods giant – Unilever, at One North. The Four Acres Training Centre is the first Corporate University in Singapore. Another significant project that she has completed is the design and construction of a luxury boutique hotel development – The Fullerton Bay Hotel and the Conservation of Clifford Pier & Customs House at Collyer Quay. Since 2014, She has completed several private houses, among them a Good Class Bungalow at Ridout Road.

Yanling has a keen interest in the realm of conservation. She was the Architect for Clifford Pier & Custom House, which won the URA conservation award. She is also involved in the restoration of several shophouses in Singapore’s prime historical districts and also the conservation for a luxury Good Class Bungalow housed in a colonial building at Ridout Road.

At a more intimate scale, Yanling leads the office in Interior design projects that includes Office Interior for organization such as URA digital Planning Lab and Social Service Institute, Sports Council Fitness Centres and private home interiors.

She aims to bring about a positive design impact at all levels.


Past Notable Projects:

Lionel Leow

Lionel Leow

Well-designed places create lasting memory and bring meaning to life

As an Architect, Lionel believes in human-centric design in which the user-experience, as a key generator, informs the design. Using this approach of walking through the user path, he aims to create delightful spaces that relate to different individuals – offering every user a uniquely memorable experience of the space.

Lionel graduated with Cum Laude for Master of Science (Architecture) from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands in 2006. He started his career in global Architectural offices, i.e. DP architects in Singapore and Power Company in the Netherlands, before co-founding TA.LE ARCHITECTS with Yanling. He is a registered Architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore and The Netherlands.

Throughout his career, he worked on and completed numerous projects of varying typologies and scale in Asia, and in particular in Singapore. These projects includes the Singapore University of Technology and Design – the fourth university of Singapore which focus on sustainable design for the future, a 5-star hot-spring hotel (Crown Plaza) in Wenjiang, Chengdu, China, and Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Masterplan – a future city planned and positioned as a unique vibrant and sustainable city that attracts talent and knowledge-based industries.

One of his more notable projects is Fraser’s Tower, a 38-storey office tower with a 3-storey retail podium along Cecil Street in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). Setting itself apart from other similar office buildings in Singapore, Fraser’s Tower provides lush greenery for the office workers with a terraced garden at the podium, a sky terrace at the 4th storey and a roof garden. Designed to be environmentally sustainable, the building was conferred the Green Mark Platinum certification, the highest ranking possible, by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore.

Although the projects he worked on ranges in scale – from private owner house to a publicly accessible building – he remains focus on creating space that relates and enhance the individual user experience. He believes that well-designed spaces that brings delight to the user can positively influence social behavior and improves the lives of the community.


Past Notable Projects:

Liao Xiji

Liao Xiji

Associate Director
a good design is a combination of functionality and aesthetics

Xiji joined TA.LE Architects in 2015. As a designer, her professional ethos is to be responsible and ethical with regards to the social and environmental impact of her design. She believes that every project should be sensitive to the site and surrounding while taking into consideration of the needs of the users. Her aspiration is to pursue such a holistic approach that can engender improvement to the physical environment and make the community more livable, as well as enriching the social impact the building brings to the society.

Having graduated with Master of Architecture from the National University of Singapore in 2007, Xiji has since worked in re-known Architectural Firms, like DP Architects and Arch Studio + Urbanism in Singapore and Neri & Hu in Shanghai. She has acquired a wide range of experience in a variety of projects, ranging from master planning, mixed-development, hospitality, offices, residential to industrial. She has always been actively involved in designing and managing projects. She completed the COSL Headquarter in Singapore in 2013, which comprises of office and warehouses.

Xiji believes that a good design is a combination of functionality and aesthetics, combined with sensitivity to the users’ needs and behavior. She believes in human-centric design that elevate the users’ experience and improves their quality of life. She always have the users’ interest at the center of her design.

She is a registered Architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore.

Nguyen Thao Di

Nguyen Thao Di

only through understanding the user’s need can there be a good design

Thao Di joined TA.LE Architects in 2014. As a designer, she believes that small details can make a big impact on the quality of design in spaces of any scale. It is with this belief that she engages in all her design projects, pushing them to a design excellence which can be appreciated from minute details. Her firm belief has led to the projects she is involved in to be sensitive to its context, social needs as well as the overall experience of users.

Having graduated with National University of Singapore in 2014, Thao Di has since been with TA.LE Architects, working on a range of Architecture and Interior Design projects. These works include Good Class Bungalow, refurbishment to Conserved Shop houses, Office Interior Design, Retail Interior Design and Private Residential interior Design. Her keen interest in the restoration and refurbishment in Conserved Shop houses has honed her skills to be a specialist in this field.

Thao Di believes that good design has a positive impact on the daily life of its users. And only through understanding the user’s need can there be a good design.

Ivy Tang

Ivy Tang

Designer Manager
Quality Interior design elevates the spirit

Ivy joined TA.LE Architects in 2018. Trained as an Interior designer, her passion is to enrich the spatial quality of the interior of every room, turning soulless space into memorable places. Her strength in giving character to the interior allows the individual to connect to the place they are in – in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing manner. Her attention to small details complete the user experience right down to the final touch of finishes – which is the traits of TA.LE’s project.

Ivy believes that good interior design focus on the user’s experience, which in turn can elevate the spirit of the individual using the space.


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