ESR Biz Park @ Changi

ESR Biz Park @ Changi

ESR Biz Park @ Changi

ESR Bizpark @ Changi is located in Changi Business Park – known as the ‘CBD of the East’ where leading technology corporations and financial services companies choose to situate themselves due to a wide range of amenities like hotel, service suites, shopping mall, family friendly childcare facilities etc found here. ESR Bizpark @ Changi seeks to position itself as a leading business park office in this location, offering a distinct workspace character. Our client approach us to carry out a re-making of the original ESR Bizpark @ Changi to actualize their vision.



Completed 2021

Office in a garden - Central Green Corridor

The common workplace/business found in the development is high-tech related. Nestle in a business park setting, it is natural for our concept of the development to create an office development in a garden setting. The original design of the development consists of 4 blocks – 2 office slab blocks and a hotel block surrounding a convention centre block on a plinth that sits on top of a common basement which is linked to the adjacent underground MRT station. Taking the cue from the original Architectural blocks setting, our design focuses on (1) modernizing the office/hotel block appearance to reflect the high-tech office residing in them, and (2) streamlining the common plinth by strengthening connectivity (visual and physical) between the building blocks using openness and greenery as the underlining principle.

Arriving at the drop off, a light weight glass canopy announces the development at the starting point of the central green corridor. The development sign and the tower signs direct visitors and provide them with a good overview of the development for better sense of coordination. Beyond the drop-off, the central green corridor is designed as a clear vista to the centre of the development where the convention centre reside. With an open green corridor, the entrances to the north and south offices’ lobbies (announced by a portal), F&B street and hotel can be easily navigated. Connection between the north and south offices’ lobbies is further strengthened with way finding signages designed with eye-catching floor finish colours. Mechanical services from car park that reaches the surface are also designed to integrate as light sculptures with vertical green. With the planters along the green corridor, they enhanced the concept of office in the garden setting.

Undergrond Green Corridor

At the end of the green corridor is the entrance to the basement underground pedestrian passageway that leads to the underground MRT station. The concept of the central green corridor continues into this space, creating an underground green corridor that turns a mundane affair of commune into a pleasant and delightful experience. On one side of the passageway is a feature wall designed in warm vertical timber stripe with preserved green wall; on the other side is an artwork with 2 facets – one showing cityscapes when travels from MRT to our development, and the other revealing a floral & faunas mural when travels back to the MRT station.

Retail Street - Food Alley

The concept of garden takes on a different approach at the retail street. With a back lane setting, the juxtaposition of incidental back lane elements (such as corten steel, black metal panels, wood, mirror, weaving rattan and terrazzo flooring) with indoor greenery creates an structured causal retail experience that differentiate itself from the surrounding developments.

High Tech Office Lobby Interior

Similar to the façade of the office towers, the interior design is aligned with high tech appearance.