Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society 'In Real Life' Concept Store

The Singapore children clothing brand – Le Petit Society started as an online store and this is its first physical flagship store at the OUE Downtown Gallery in Singapore.

The team set out to create an identity for the ‘in real life’ concept store. The ceiling of the shop was painted a brilliant blue tone to resemble a twilight sky – injecting an element of fun in the design while leaving a lasting impression on the patrons. The other parts of the fitting out material within the space demonstrate a playful superimposition of different colours, textures and materials such as the lovely pink of copper against the rustic concrete – to pairing with the rawness of the plywood.



Completed – 2017

Design Excellence Awards 2017 – Silver Award – Best Retail Design

Design Inspirations

The brand which originally operates online is now manifesting itself as a physical entity with this concept store. The design concept for this store makes use of the idea of turning from 2D to 3D, just like the brand itself. Elements such as cut-out characters in children’s books, unfolded house box and punch-out toys/furniture becomes inspiration for the various elements of the boutique.

The Mailbox

Given that the mode of shopping has evolved drastically over the last decade with online shopping gaining popularity among the younger demographics, the team at TA.LE Architects worked with brand founders to incorporate the concept of online purchases with in-shop collection. A series of specially designed cubicles, akin to mailboxes were built to store packed purchases ready for collection by shoppers.

The Playpen

Tapping on the idea of exploration, the design team created a structure at the centre of the store. A little building within a building. An architectonic sculpture that also brings to mind the experience of being in an art gallery. People can move around the structure and enter the structure to view the merchandise within, prolonging their time within the store.

Modular Furniture System with Linear Play for Continuity

With the client’s brief for easily movable furniture pieces, the design team started with a tall unit design and broke down the cabinet into three standalone parts that can be disassembled if required. The top part bears a playful crown frame, made to hold indoor plants while the middle part – the body of the cabinet, comes in four versions: display shelves, mailboxes, hanging racks and a flip down concealed table for wrapping service. The final component of the cabinet, the lower base is a pull out drawer for storing additional stocks. This clever modular system allows the client to decide, which version of the mid-section they would require for future stores.

The ‘mountain and valley’ linear play – created in the form of the crown outline and cabinet surfaces using different materials, allows the design to be extended visually when more units are made and placed side by side. This way, the furniture can appreciated singularly, such as the bottom tier bases, which work as display-cum storage around the store. And as a collective whole, when placed side by side.