Wall Storage – FRAMES

Wall Storage – FRAMES

Wall Storage - FRAMES

A Feature wall is often the focus of the home living room, while storage spaces are equally important to a home. The solution – a Feature wall storage.

The design of this wall storage, FRAMES, combines a few elements to create an ART piece – a shoe cabinet, a work top (ledge with storage space below and a mirror on top), a TV console and a series of open and close shelves on top.

A perfect feature piece in the living room.


Cabinets/ Open Shelves: Plywood with laminate (wood or white) Finish

Work top/ TV console top: Plywood with laminate (wood) Finish


Total – 2500(H)/5000(L)/400(D)

Shoe Cabinet – 2500(H)/900(L)/400(D)

Work Top with bottom cabinet – 900(H)/2200(L)/400(D)

TV Console – 550(H)/1900(L)/400(D)

Top Cabinet and open shelves – 900~1500(H)/3100(L)/300(D)

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What is TA.LE Objects?

TA.LE Object is a product line designed by TA.LE that strives to provide design solution (products) to improve our daily lives at home, at work and in public realm.

Our design solutions are ready-made to be implemented without much customization. These ready-made design are conceived through our years of experience in the design field, and our proposal to improve the quality of our daily lives.


 Why choose a ready-made design solution?

A ready-made design solution can be implemented numerous times, while a bespoke design solution is often only created for one customer. In choosing a ready-made design solution, the price of the product will be lower than a bespoke design solution.

If you are looking for a bespoke design solution, please let us know as we also provide this service.


Can I customize the size of the product to suit my house/workplace?

Our product line offers fixed design style which cannot be change. However most of the design are modular and can be extended or reduced in length. Sent us your ideal desired size of the chosen product to find out more details.


What is the estimated product delivery timeline (lead time)?

For product that doesn’t require site measurement or customization, the lead time is 4-6 weeks.

For product that requires site measurement, ie wall storage solutions, the lead time may be up to 8 weeks.

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